by: Allen M. Dion

In the mid-1980s, I began to write songs and an outline for a musical to showcase the life and accomplishments of a Menzingen nun mockingly named Lapopessa. The Catholic church kept the existence of this "Lapopessa" secret for fear that her role would be controversial and misinterpreted. But I saw the relationship between her and a frail priest as an extraordinary love story. I've always thought that this pope-making nun and somewhat troubled man shared a platonic love relationship.

The complexities of the times and the complications of religious roles were a novel and challenging backdrop for writing a musical to celebrate this long-term, unique love relationship. Being a long-time fan of musical theater, I wanted to tell this story in song.

The show took many years to develop, and in 2020, I finally realized my dream of completing the book and music for the show. I received invaluable support for the project from my brilliant composer/lyricist husband, Paul.

In an attempt to inspire me, when Paul came on board as my writing partner, he wrote many new songs, and we renewed the original core pieces, including giving the score a new sound and updated lyrics. Our passion for the project is limitless. This writing collaboration is only second to our 32-year relationship. Paul is singularly responsible for making my dream of Lapopessa come true and come to life.

Over the years, we have had multiple read-throughs, revisions, and other updates. In 2022, we also produced a concert version of the show in Barre, Massachusetts. Currently, we are looking for a venue for a fully staged performance of the show. We hope to make this dream come true in 2025. Our long-term plan is to take the show all the way to Broadway itself!

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