Concept by
Allen M. Dion
Produced by
Paul N. Dion

Paul N. Dion (Producer, Composer)

Paul is an entrepreneur with a background in occupational therapy and social work. His business ventures include corporate incentive travel, computer hardware and consulting, fine art galleries, misophonia awareness merchandising, and rental property management.

He was the executive producer of the Action Media Production of Quiet Please… a full-length film documentary on the neurological brain disorder known as misophonia.

Paul is a producer and composer of the new musical, Lapopessa, a long-term project that has produced many personal rewards.

As a man with many interests, Paul has enjoyed painting, clay sculpture, landscaping, woodworking, farming, publishing wildlife trail camera films, music videos, and many other aspects of music (including trumpet, guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, and electronic keyboard).

Paul's family has always been paramount, and his children and grandchildren are ever-present in his life.

Along with his husband of thirty-two years, Paul has had opportunities for extensive worldwide travel.

Lapopessa the Musical is Paul's first musical production, and the work of refining the music and developing the show continues to be a welcomed part of his daily routines.

Allen M. Dion (Producer, Composer)

Allen is a native of New York, where he received his B.A. and M.A. at Queens College, where he wrote two musicals and won first-place trophies for each. He went on to write fund-raising musicals for Cancer Care and Muscular Dystrophy. His full-length original musical, Homeseekers, explored the struggles of abandoned and abused children. It was presented off-Broadway at the Nat Horne Theater on Theater Row and at the Urban Arts Theater.

Allen was mentored by the extraordinary producer/director Harold Prince, a legend who won more Tony awards than any other individual. Mr. Prince inducted Allen into his "faithful first-nighters" and invited Allen to all of his first-night Broadway openings. There, he met his musical theater idol, Stephen Sondheim.

His next musical, Father, Father, centered around Father George Clements of Chicago and his successful efforts to be the first Roman Catholic Priest to adopt a child.

In the 80s, Allen became aware of a nun who propelled a priest named Eugenio Pacelli to become Pope Pius XII. Allen subsequently flew to Switzerland to meet with a nun who served with Pascalina. His extensive interview with her provided him with invaluable information.

Today's performance of Lapopessa the Musical is the realization of a long dream for Allen. He would like to thank his extraordinarily talented and gifted composer/writer husband of 32 years, Paul Dion, for helping him bring his vision of Lapopessa to life.

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